Matt: Under the Brim

One of the things that most rodeo fans don’t get to see is the preparation that goes into each ride, and I consider it part of my job to show it. Some guys do yoga, some guys use miles of athletic tape, baby powder files, rosin is cracked onto bull ropes, etc. Towards the beginning […]

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Matt: Back on the Rodeo Road

After seven months of not shooting rodeos, April rolled around (sans showers this year) and I found myself back doing what I’m meant to do. I took a lot of my own advice over the winter, and it more than paid off. First, I made two complete passes through my rodeo archive (+25,000 pictures) once […]

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Matt: WNFR #7: The End

So I made it (barely) through my 11 days in Vegas, and after all the talking (complaining) all that’s left is the pictures. So here is a selection of my favorites from this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo: Matt *Please Read Below* Big Lens Fast Shutter is funded solely from the pockets of Ryu Voelkel […]

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