Ryu: Low and behold

Afternoon. But by the time this goes out, it could be evening or morning. We’ll see. All’s well in the European front as I’m on my way to shoot some football in Manchester. That’s Manchester in England and not the fake one in New Hampshire. I’m also now toying with the idea of getting a […]

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Ryu: I am a D4, damn it.

It’s 6:54AM in France time and the beast is out of its cage. Not like a revolutionarily world beating beast, but rather an evolutionary demure one. But for the likes of me who passed on the D3s, this is going to be an amazing camera to shoot sports in, especially in low light situations. I […]

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Ryu: Nikon D4

I know I got your attention.  I’m psychic like that.  In case you shoot Canon, 24th of August will be a big day for the Nikon fan boys and professional sports photographers out there.  On this day, Nikon could announce the next gen pro grade DSLR tentatively named Nikon D4.  It has been 678 days […]

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