Euro 2012: Italy v Germany

I’m not in a good mood and Mutsu is trying to alleviate my pain. He’s trying. “Well, the Germans. I think their youth worked against them last night. Italy played and won like a resourceful veteran team. I arrived at 6:30AM in Warsaw airport. When I left Donetsk, I was in shorts and t-shirts, but […]

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Euro 2012: Spain v Portugal

Semi-final, Spain v Portugal and Mutsu is back. I honestly want to rain on his Spanish parade, but then Mutsu will be allowed on the pitch as long as Spain keeps on winning. This is because he got his accreditation through the Spanish FA. So we should all be happy for Spain today. “The train […]

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Euro 2012: Italy v England

And England win again on penalties. Mutsu was there to capture England and their consistent performance in international tournaments. “After last night’s match between Spain and France, I stayed up all night waiting for my flight to Kiev. Arrived at the hotel at 8:30AM and went straight to bed. When I woke up, it was […]

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Euro 2012: Spain v France

Mutsu is relieved that Spain won. He was so happy that he provided us with some behind the scenes shot as well. “3rd match of the Quarterfinal, Spain v France. I arrived in Donetsk from Gdansk via Munich and it was hot. Yesterday in Gdansk the temperature was around 20 degrees, but in Donetsk it […]

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