Podcast: EP23 – Using the Crowd

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Matt: Use Your Surroundings

Two of the themes we have been trying to drive home are “get close” and “use the light to your advantage”. I had the opportunity to put both of these into practice last weekend, and I thought I’d share. On Saturday and Sunday, I shot the Rowell Ranch Rodeo for the first time, despite the […]

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Syd: Getting rid of clutter

When I look at photographs from mums and dads taking photos of their children or their children’s sports teams they generally look the same. They often look like this: Typically, one of the kids in the photo is theirs, but often it’s not even the one with the ball. You can hear the conversation now […]

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Syd: Clean backgrounds

One of the key differences between an amateur photographer’s sports photos and a professional’s is not what’s in the photo, it’s what’s NOT in the photo. In other words, it’s not the moment of action that was caught by the photographer, it’s catching the action with nothing else in the image. Often, this means capturing […]

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