Ryu is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany.  He lives with his wonderfully French wife, a beautiful human child, two reluctant cats, and one goldfish.

His career as a sports photographer started in 2005 when he was asked to shoot the Confederations Cup in Germany.  Having had no prior experience shooting sports, he managed to do okay after that.

He now works for Nike, AdidasSports Graphic NumberHowler Magazine, Rabona MagazineShukan Post, Soccer Digest, News Picks and countless happy couples.

He also published a book via Kickstarter on the World Cup 2014 in Brazil:
No Hands 

His pictures are here, warts and all:

Current gear includes:
2 X Nikon D4s
400mm f2.8 VRII
200mm f2.0 VRII
70-200mm f4
24-70mm f2.8
14-24mm f2.8
16mm fisheye
8mm f3.5
Macbook Air
Think Tank Airport Roller Derby
Induro Monopod
MH-02 LR: Monopod head
Press Fashion Vest
Soft Lens Hood 

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4 thoughts on “Ryu

  1. You da man! I’ve always envied people who can live their dreams, so good for you brother… RyuTV is next?

    1. Thanks Danny. I assure you that you will get good tips from here when it comes to you taking pictures of your yet to be born child.

      Tom says it’s Ryu Magazine, so maybe I can try Ryu TV at the same time. If it wasn’t for MTBA making me quite the sports fan, I wouldn’t really be here. It’s not yet the final product and we’ll see how this all comes down to in March 2012. :)

  2. Thanks for the blog guys

    Im a 15 year old sports photographer and your tips really help me!


  3. Thanks for the blog guys

    Im a 15 year old sports photographer and your tips really help me!


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