Podcast: EP48 – Season of disagreements

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Matt gets his ladder stolen and Ryu watched Mad Max.  One of these is related to sports photography.  Please make an educated guess.

Planning ahead for a days shoot, when your base (media/press room) is very very very far away.   Matt and Ryu discuss the ways to navigate a NASCAR or golf courses whilst keeping in mind that going back to the media room will be a career death sentence. No child was maimed during the recording of this show.

Training Ground
Training Ground is now on video. If you’d like to participate (and we think you should), enter your pictures in the Flickr thread and make sure to tag them BLFSTG201504.

You Win
Getting better, but still no winners.  If we were a lottery, the jackpot will be enormous by now.  Find out if your slightly above average photos were worthy of a discussion here

Triple crown winner and get a closer look at American Pharaoh or Phraoh or Pharell.

Special thanks to…
Our producer Robb Massar
Icon by Arvin Bautista

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