Podcast: EP46 – Our producer expects the unexpected

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Matt wishes all the people who came up with the hockey stadium series should be dead.  Ryu wishes Cuba never existed, even though shooting baseball there was good.  Skill Twins.  No, he didn’t shoot the video.

Master Class
Expect the unexpected. When you arrive at a stadium for your whatever sports shoot, you may have lofty expectations of your day. It’s important that if these expectations are not met, you adjust on the fly. Marty.

Training Ground
Training Ground is now on video. If you’d like to participate (and we think you should), enter your pictures in the Flickr thread and make sure to tag them BLFSTG201503.

Training Ground will now be split off from the podcast and will run approximately two weeks after we air the podcast.

You Win
I think every one of you should listen to this You Win. Just because you need to give us a reason why we should have to put up with your unapologetically sorry-ass entries.  We want stuff like the featured image on this blog post by Uwe Zucci/EPA.  Please.

Both Matt and Ryu go skiing.  Powder power.

Special thanks to…
Our producer Robb Massar
Icon by Arvin Bautista

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