Podcast: EP45 – More reasons to hate Messi

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Matt talks about shooting high school kids and before you pick up the phone to call the authorities, he was there for his ongoing “Under the Brim” project.  Ryu talks about something he can’t talk about, but now he can.  Skill Twins.  No, he didn’t shoot the video.

Master Class
Effort v Results.  Just because you try hard doesn’t mean your photo is worth something.  Listen to us tell you that your blood and sweat do not guarantee an entry into the BLFS heaven.

Training Ground
Training Ground is now on video. If you’d like to participate (and we think you should), enter your pictures in the Flickr thread and make sure to tag them BLFSTG201502.

Training Ground will now be split off from the podcast, and will run approximately two weeks after the podcast.

You Win
Well well well.  It’s our first ever new format You Win and we had a disagreement on who should be crowned the best of January 2015.  Just because we can, you should listen to find out who won.  Because honestly, we like surprises.

Matt goes golf and Ryu goes WTF, Business Insider? (Jelena Jankovic).  And we also don’t understand why World Press Photo 1st place singles award went to this average photo, 2nd place went to this great moment≠not so good photo, and let’s not talk about this catastrophe that is the 3rd place.  As for the story category, this one is sublime and this one is not a story and not good.

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Our producer Robb Massar
Icon by Arvin Bautista

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: EP45 – More reasons to hate Messi

  1. I think the only reason the cricket photo was 3rd was the fact that the player on the ground is dead….it made front page in Australia….whole other story as to whether this was appropriate or not…..

    1. idleowen – I came on to comment on the same image. The death of Hughes stunned Australia, and probably many parts of the world where cricket is played.
      Does it make this a remarkable sports photo? I’m not sure. For me as an Australian, it is emotive, even now. The frantic and confused faces of those attending him, certainly helps tell the story for me, but I note those who don’t know the background story (Ryu and Matt), just see a group of people kneeling around some guy. I don’t even think they picked the pads to get that it was cricket. Incredibly sad moment – tragic, but I get what the BFLS boys were trying to say. “Iconic images” in this list are selected because of their stories, not because the images themselves are that great. I guess maybe that is what the award is about? About great moments in sports, and perhaps the images they felt best described that moment? Even that seems arguable.
      RIP Philip Hughes 63-notout

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