Critical Beatdown: Portfolio Review Service – Awesome

Okay, have a glass of water and take a deep breath. We are going to start a paid service. No bitcoins, but actual money will exchange hands. Which means that you give us money and we provide a service.

God forbid, because everything on the net should be free right? Yes, it should be, but we aren’t music or Breaking Bad or porn. Definitely not porn. We wish we were. We believe what we provide for you is of good quality and we should get paid for it. If you disagree, I’m fine with that because you will continue to get everything we offer for 0 Montenegro Euro. Bet you didn’t know that Montenegro used Euro, did you? Training Ground, You Win, Podcast, and the Flickr boards will continue unscathed by our sudden greed.

We will continue to accept donations because frankly we love money and can never have enough of it. By all means you can make a donation to us more than once. Someone even said that we are a lot cheaper than joining a sports photography class or going to a sports photography boot camp. Therefore, don’t be shy and you should continue to give us donations. We will love you more. Of course we will. :)

What we will be offering starting now is a 100USD portfolio review of your work on video. Let’s break it down. For 100 American dollars, we will review your portfolio. Your portfolio will include no more than 15 images. We will break down the images on youtube. You can choose for this video to be public or private. If it is public, the world will see it. We will also put it up on our site. If it is private, only you will get to see it. We will then tell you the bad, the good, and the improvements you can make.

This accomplishes two things: 1. We get paid 2. You will become a better sports photographer compared to the ones who didn’t pay.

Therefore this is a service for someone who really wants to become a better sports photographer. This is for you who thinks Training Ground is not enough. This is for you who thinks you can do better, but really don’t know how and need specific instructions. This is for you who is unsatisfied with your current progress and need additional something something. This is for you who believes we can help you more.

Pay us and we’ll make you the most desirable sports photographer in the neighbourhood.

Contact us by emailing us:

Love ya.


PS Need an awesome name for this service. Whomever comes up with the best one will get 20% off when using the service. Once. Not for the rest of your life.

Update: We did. It’s called Critical Beatdown.

*Please Read Below*
Big Lens Fast Shutter is funded solely from the pockets of Ryu Voelkel and Matt Cohen. If you think the information we give you about sports photography is making you a better sports photographer and as a result a well balanced human being, please show us your appreciation by supporting us on Patreon and send some of your hard earned dollars/euros/Brixton pounds our way. People who donate will be mentioned on our next show unless you want to remain anonymous. Thank you for supporting us and may the force of sports photography be with you, always.

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