Training Ground: EP29

Training Ground is a portion of the show where, you, our devoted BLFS listener, submit your photos to our Big Lens Fast Shutter Flickr Group and we tell you how piss poor your photos are.  Basically, we critique your photos, because we believe love is best served with a harsh slap on your tush.

Enjoy the pain. :)

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One thought on “Training Ground: EP29

  1. Thank you for another great training ground video! And for some constructive suggestions on how to improve my motorcycle speedway shoots. I will be sure to try them out as soon as I get the opportunity!

    Just one small note though, not important but just to widen your knowledge of the world ;-)….the riders I had the opportunity to shoot are actually among the best in the world in this discipline (you said something like “these aren’t the best riders out there, probably not even name guys”).

    Sweden is, together with the UK, Poland and Denmark, one of the major speedway nations in Europe, and this is from our top division, were the riders are full time professionals, and often rides for clubs in several countries (our best riders are from Denmark, Poland and Russia) in the same season (getting payed quite nicely).

    If you want to learn even more….

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