Ryu: Confederations Confessions 2013: Entry 1

I should call it “Brasil”, because that’s how it is spelled there and you know, I’m all about local and keeping it real.

Confederations Cup awaits me. For those of you who don’t know what this Cup is, don’t bother. Not that Copacabana and the beach babes aren’t calling me, it’s just as a freelancer, you do need to goto FIFA sponsored events such as the Confederations Cup to show that indeed you are very serious about going to the World Cup next year. Basically, if you don’t goto any international matches including qualifications and friendlies and you apply for an accreditation for a World Cup, you won’t get in. You have to pay your dues to have the chance to play with the big boys. Or big gentlemen if you prefer to be weird like that. For those of you who are wondering why I’m only going now and not from the beginning, well, not much of a point to cover the first two matches. Let’s just keep it at that.

Now that you know how you too can shoot the World Cup, I thought I get into a mini gear talk.

2 x D4
400 2.8
14-24 2.8
24-70 2.8
70-200 2.8
8mm fisheye
16mm fisheye
Canon S90
Mamiya 6

That’s it.

Yup, no flash. Not even one. I am still debating about this at the time of writing, but I’m certain I won’t be needing them this time around. There are couple of reasons why this is the case. 1. I am doing a secret project with my Mamiya 6 and that will take up a lot of time and flash photography will eat into Mamiya time. 2. I won’t be shooting any portraits with flash. 3. I kind of want to get out of using flash in football. I’ve done what can be done and I need to get out of my comfort zone and come up with something new.

Canon S90 was bought for my honeymoon trip to use with an underwater housing, but proved to be a good little snapper. The news of foreign photographers getting mugged on the Brasilian beaches has got me worried and my wife is worried about the protests and how I could get caught up in it because I’m not the smartest person in the world.  Regarding the protest, I fully support it.  They have money to build stadiums whilst people don’t have enough to eat.  That’s not good.

Back to the S90.  I think it will detract me from looking like an Asian dude with lots of expensive gear waiting to donate them to the local gang affiliates. Because, you know, I like to give.

The lenses I’ve chosen are my usual ones, except for the 8mm fisheye which is a circle. Still haven’t figured out how to use it, but hopefully I will get some time to find this little one a place in my heart and my bag. I’m also hoping to rent some lenses from the Nikon people at the stadiums where I will be shooting. Nikon and/or Canon have their booth set up in these big tournaments. They will lend out equipment for the day free of charge. Pretty much anything you want whilst stock last. So in essence, you don’t have to bring any equipment with you. But that’s just lame. But I know some people who do that.

I’ve contacted all my clients and potential clients and ask them what they want from me. Maybe they want a lot, maybe not. But all that is left for me to do is to get up in about 3 hours, take a cab to Tegel, and pass out until I see the beaches of Rio.

What a horrible life I lead. :)

Photo courtesy of AP / Felipe Dana via Washington Post (This is the cool photo that was here before, but I took it down because it wasn’t “fair use”. But it’s a great photo so do have a look.


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One thought on “Ryu: Confederations Confessions 2013: Entry 1

  1. Ryu,

    Your visit to Brazil is so important that 1,000,000 people will be out in the streets to receive you! Since they will be out there, they will also use the opportunity to make some protests…Seriously, the arrival will coincide with the major protest.

    You don’t need to be worried with mugs. This is a democracy, so anyone and everyone can be mugged – there’s no bias towards photogs or asians.

    Good luck!

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