BLFS Movie Night: Panning part 1

Well, we did it.

We are now a proud owner of a video tutorial series.  Yes.

This a direct response to all those people who have been moaning to us about panning in sports photography. Tsutomu Takasu who is a sports photographer based in Japan was kind enough to give us a hand in how to pan.

Tsutomu Takasu Website

Please remind yourself that this is our very first attempt and it is also Tsutomu’s very first attempt at video. So, it’s a really rough. The sound is so-so and we could have him relax a bit.  He could also have gotten a haircut.

Please and I mean, PLEASE let us know what you think about the video. It’s like our Training Ground, so let it rip.  We would also love to know if you have a desperate need for us to do another tutorial in other aspects of sports photography.

As for panning we are planning to do a part 2 in the near future.  If you have any specific questions or comments regarding it, please leave them on this blog post and not on YouTube.  It’s easier that way.

Next time, we hope to have better sound, better haircut and maybe even Enya in the background.


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8 thoughts on “BLFS Movie Night: Panning part 1

  1. Do you want constructive or destructive criticism? Ha Ha. Although the video lacks the emotion we normally see in your still photos, please continue to provide us with this type of material. There is a void of sports photography information for us amateurs and BLFS is an invaluable resourse. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    1. I think I want a very destructive one. I’m a masochist like that. :)
      We are always gong for that solemn arty emotion less “stare into the blank space and never come back” type of look, but we’ll make it more exciting next time. Actually, I have to tell that Tsutomu as it’s his fault that he made this so emotion free.

      If you do have any specific thing you want us to do a video on, please let us know.

  2. Guys, I really like the way Tsotomu presented’s informative and cool and he did transfer info. It is also interesting that he is concerned with the colors, water splash and the best image. Things may be perfectly visible or show just enough to be understood. Looking forward to part 2. Being a bald guy, I’m not qualified to discuss his haircut…Sorry!

  3. I love slow shutter/panned shots but for me when there is nothing in focus(sharp) at all then it loses impact and just becomes a blurred image,unless there is something wonderfully artistic about the colour or composition………..

  4. Claudio: I will tell him that his moppy hair didn’t bother you that much. :) I also think it’s very good that he is willing to disclose techniques that can be used by you and me. This panning thing gets a bit deeper and hopefully he will do another one with us soon.

    Nigel: You definitely need a “point of reference” when it comes to panning shots. The main subject, in my mind, MUST be in focus. Otherwise it’s just a messy blur.

    1. Brendan,

      I will give you “A” for effort but, “mmm…” for the result. As Tsutomu said on the video, you have to make sure that main subject is in focus. On the photo you have shown me, the subject is not in focus. Therefore, you did not track his/her movement whilst you were shooting. Keep on trying and do show us more. :)


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