Podcast: EP16 – We Introduce…No one

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Ryu shot the Milan Derby and Montpellier winning the French Ligue 1, and won’t be shooting Euro 2012. Matt spent the month shooting rodeo again.

Master class
Ryu and Matt talk about what’s wrong with your pictures.

We introduce…no one
We’ve decided to kill We Introduce due to a low correlation between photo talent and being able to share insights. We’re going to have a rotating group of photographers join us for Master Class to talk about specific techniques.








1)  We will be selling Big Lens Fast Shutter t-shirts with a great new design by Juan Doe. First place winners of 2012 “You Win” competitions will get one sent to them for free (contact us via Flickr). But if you haven’t won, you can buy one here.
2)  We are introducing a new monthly competition on our Flickr group. Podium is for pictures that don’t fit the theme of You Win, but are your best pictures of the month. Winners will accrue points (10 points for 1st, 6 points for 2nd, and 4 points for 3rd) each month, and the person with the most points at the end of the year will win a BLFS t-shirt and maybe something else. Pictures MUST be taken in the same month as the thread, no exceptions.

Training Ground
In Training Ground we critique pictures from listeners who bravely ask for it in our Flickr group.

You Win
Our May 2012 themed competition was “Lighting
The winner is PTG Photography from Belgium with this swimming picture:

Second place is Adam Kokot / Babel Images and third place is Nicolas Michel.
The June 2012 themed competition is “Outside the Box”, concluding a trilogy of things we want to see everyone working on. Goto our BLFS flickr group page for competition rules and to enter.

Training Ground
Post your images to our flickr group for constructive or destructive critique here.

Special thanks to…
Icon by Arvin Bautista
Audio Production/Editing: David Whittaker

*Please Read Below*
Big Lens Fast Shutter is funded solely from the pockets of Ryu Voelkel and Matt Cohen. If you think the information we give you about sports photography is making you a better sports photographer and as a result a well balanced human being, please show us your appreciation by supporting us on Patreon and send some of your hard earned dollars/euros/Brixton pounds our way. People who donate will be mentioned on our next show unless you want to remain anonymous. Thank you for supporting us and may the force of sports photography be with you, always.

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