Euro 2012: Italy v Germany

I’m not in a good mood and Mutsu is trying to alleviate my pain.
He’s trying.

“Well, the Germans. I think their youth worked against them last night. Italy played and won like a resourceful veteran team.

I arrived at 6:30AM in Warsaw airport. When I left Donetsk, I was in shorts and t-shirts, but after arriving in Warsaw I had to change into something warmer. We had 10 degrees of difference in temperature.

There were quite a lot of German supporters at the airport, but once I got to the stadium, there weren’t that many. But they were still a lot more of them than the Italians. Naturally, most of the cheers were for Germany at the start of the match, but as the it progressed, the locals cheered on for the Italians.

I’m sure the shift in the cheering had nothing to do with it, but Germany didn’t play like themselves and let the match get away. Will these young Germans peek come Brazil 2014?

Buffon was as crafty as ever. For people who are fans of goalkeepers, this was a treat of a match. I’m going back to Kiev tomorrow and will prepare for the final on Sunday.”

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