Euro 2012: Italy v England

And England win again on penalties. Mutsu was there to capture England and their consistent performance in international tournaments.

“After last night’s match between Spain and France, I stayed up all night waiting for my flight to Kiev. Arrived at the hotel at 8:30AM and went straight to bed. When I woke up, it was one hour before the photographer’s ticket distribution at the stadium. I somehow manages to arrive on time, but I ended up with a priority category group 1 which meant I was at the very back of the queue. Unfortunately, I ended up shooting from the sidelines.

The match itself was akin to shooting 2 middle of the pack La Liga teams. During the penalty shootouts, my eyes tend to go to the goalkeepers than the kickers. As they take turn defending the goal, you can see them shaking hands. I don’t know if they are wishing each other good luck or bad ones, but one thing for sure is that they live in a world that is different from that of the field players.

The last shot is from the media centre in Kiev. As one of the sponsors of the tournament, we have a MacDonald Cafe. But they are not free and they are more expensive than the ones in town. I haven’t used it unless I’m really desperate for food.”

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