Euro 2012: Poland v Russia

Mutsu had some logistical problem and couldn’t get us these photos to us earlier.  He wanted to do a seppuku, but I told him that we needed him a bit longer.  He apologises profusely.

“All the teams have played at least once and today was Poland v Russia.  Since the Russians dominated Czech Republic in their first match, I predicted that they would do so again against a weaker Polish side.  I decided to shoot the Russians in the first half, but against all odds Poland played extremely well.

Before the match at the media centre, you are allowed to select which seat you want on the pitch.  There were 200 seats available and only 120 photographers.  In the 2nd half, I sat near the corner flag on the goal side, places normally occupied by big agencies.  But for some reason these spots were free that day.  The results were “okay”.  Nothing special.  But if you are aiming for celebration shot, these spots are ideal.  Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to shoot from these spots in future matches.”

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