Podcast: EP15 – I Try to Win Everyday

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Ryu shot a great first half and a boring second half as Arsenal ran out of gas vs AC Milan in the Champions League. Matt spent the month shooting rodeo including two of his favorites, the Red Bluff Round-Up and the Clovis Rodeo.

We introduce… Ray McManus

Irish sports photographer and 2012 World Press Photo runner up Ray McManus stops by to talk about his philosophy, shooting the Gaelic Games, and the Special Olympics.

Master class
Ryu and Matt talk about the necessity of shooting from different angles. Again.

Training Ground
In Training Ground we critique pictures from listeners who bravely ask for it in our Flickr group.

You Win
Our April 2012 themed competition was “Low Angle
The winner is Ivan Dupont from Belgium with this very low angle behind-the-scenes diving picture:

The April themed competition is “High/Low Key”, continuing a trilogy of things we want to see everyone working on. Goto our BLFS flickr group page for competition rules and to enter.

Training Ground
Post your images to our flickr group for constructive or destructive critique here.

Angry Matt
Angry Matt is most definitely still angry, but is biting his lip to avoid possible damage to his career.
We end the podcast with a very special song that was written about Matt by George Olson & Jim Leisy and performed by Jim Leisy.

Special thanks to…
Icon by Arvin Bautista
Audio Production/Editing: David Whittaker

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: EP15 – I Try to Win Everyday

  1. [being lazy]

    Hi Ryu and Matt,
    thanks for your critique, i want to tell you that there were 2 high jumpers in that competition, i can only wish it was 30 jumpers.

    I know im still crap in photography and you and Matt are very helpful to ‘open my eyes’, ill try to submit better pics in the next training ground.
    Thanks a lot for your help!

    This is the other jumper

    ps. about the race i wont write all that happened and that i tried that day, just believe ‘lazy’ wasnt in the vocabulary that morning.

  2. Matteo: Thanks for participating in training ground and for being open to our suggestions. We know this isn’t easy for a lot of people. But in the end, everything is in the frame, remember that.

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