Podcast: EP 13 – Pretty Splash

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News – Our best and worst shoots this past month
Ryu had mixed feelings about shooting UCI Track Cycling World Cup 2012 London. Matt had mixed feelings about shooting the SAP Open tennis tournament.

We introduce… Adam Pretty

Master class
Ryu and Matt talk about timing.

Training Ground
In Training Ground we critique pictures from listeners who bravely ask for it in our Flickr group.

You Win
Our February 2012 themed competition was “Silhouette
The winner is Jamie O’Sullivan from Ireland with this diving picture:

Second place is empty this month.
Third place is Shadowball by Zagorath.
The March themed competition is “More Emotion”. Goto our BLFS flickr group page for competition rules.
The Big Winner of all of the 2011 You Win winners is Troféu Brasil de Atletismo by Miguel Schincariol
Troféu Brasil de Atletismo

Training Ground
Post your images to our flickr group for constructive or destructive critique here.

Angry Matt
In our new segment, Matt is angry at YOU.

Special thanks to…
Icon by Arvin Bautista
Audio Production/Editing: David Whittaker

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7 thoughts on “Podcast: EP 13 – Pretty Splash

  1. Just listened to the podcast. OUCH! Split views though, so not too bad. Will add a fuller comment when back home.

    But as always I appreciate the feedback.

    P.S. I totally meant it (I have a couple of variations, which addresses a couple of Matt’s points, and this was the one I preferred – focus on the shadow).

    1. Hey Guys,

      I have patched myself up (Matt) and collected my thoughts.

      Pic 1:
      (excuses out of the way first) Only my 2nd shoot EVER (started photographing last summer), a cheap £70 flash (which I have only used twice) and shooting with a D3100 not a D3 etc.
      I liked the shot (but it is my son and he only just started BMXing at the start of the year, so some bias perhaps). That aside I do like the lighting, even the blown white’s. Wanted to make it pretty dramatic (not quiet pulled it off), almost like he was falling off into a giant hole/pitt and all he can see is pure white light not knowning what he is falling into (do I sound crazy?).
      However, I will take it on the chin. Must do better. I will take the feedback and work on it to try and achieve the dramatic feel I wanted.

      Pic 2:
      Ryu, thanks very much! Made my day (until Matt shot me down!!!)
      Matt, give me a break man! So all I need to do is crop it (helmets and a bit more of the rider) listening to your feedback. Yet you poo, pooed all over it. Harsh :-(
      Just to clarify, I did plan this shot. I actually took inspiration from the BLFS comp for Feb and instead of a silhouette I went for a shadow (pretty much the same thing on a camera). I got one of the full rider but cut the head off the shadow (I was using a 35mm prime and it was a tight area next to that quarter pipe, back against a wall). I wanted the full rider and full shadow, the idea being like there was two riders. But when I shot it I then wanted the focus to be on the shadow and less on the rider, hence the shot I posted. That was as shot in the camera, no crop etc. Which I will do and repost to my Flickr.

      Thanks again for all of the feedback, really appreciate you guys taking the time out from your busy schedule’s.


      Elrooooooyooooofffffddddeeeeerovers (never heard it said that slow before Ryu!!!)

  2. Stolle,
    I am now laughing my face off with that comment. There you go Matt. :)

    Great shot. Like I said, you should photoshop VISA whilst in colour and then we can talk. :)

    You have a name that is begging to be elongated. :) As for the excuses, no such things exist in the world of tough sports photography. We gots to be tough, like me who just bought his first ever power tool at the tender age of 36.

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