Ryu: How to BLFS in 2012

Happy new year from the BLFS family. It has been a very exciting 2011 and as we enter the year of the dragon, we at BLFS continue to grow at a sonic snaillike speed. I have no idea what Matt and David were up to this holiday season, but I’m sure it had something to do with some Jewish (Matt) drunk (David) stuff. Which is all good as long as they were thinking about you the listeners and our upcoming new season.

If you are new to BLFS, we are a sports photography podcast and website geared towards anyone who is interested in bettering their sports photography skills so that you can earn billions from it. I’m not joking. Our introductory rate of $2999.99 per month or for a mere price of a new semi-pro DSLR, we will magically transform you into a sports photography guru in your community.

Anyway, if you are new to this or if you just want to brush up on your BLFS knowledge base, these are the way you can get yourself involved so that you have a family on the internet.

1. Website (https://biglensfastshutter.com/)
This is the hub of the BLFS universe. This is apparently where all the cool kids hang out. You can read all the blog posts we have ever written, you can listen to the podcast directly and check out the episode show notes, and you can go where you always wanted to go. It’s wizard like that. If you have any sports photography questions or just want to tell us how awesome we are (there seems to be more of that for Matt, but I’m not jealous. No, I’m not. Never. Okay, maybe a bit), just leave us a comment on one of the threads. I will answer them when I’m not checking out how my fantasy basketball team is doing. Yes, I’m very serious.

2. Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/groups/biglensfastshutter/)
You got a camera and you have the passion for sports photography? You really should register with flickr and participate in our BLFS Flickr group. Here, you will find people asking us questions about sports photography. For example, currently there is someone who just started a thread about flash for indoor wrestling and there is another one about image stabilisation for action photography. Hard hitting questions, I tell you. We will not mock your questions, even if you ask us which one is better; Canon or Nikon.

The other important function is our monthly themed competition. Dubbed “You win…”, it’s your path to sports photography nirvana and maybe in the not so distant future, you’ll get a cool prize. The competitions is as fierce as they come and as you can see from our previous winners, you better bring your A +++ game if you want to take home the hardware. Or bribe us.

Last but obviously not the least, we have something for the masochists out there: Training Ground. Here, Matt and I make you feel so small that you wish you never were that big. If “You win…” is the majors, this is like sitting on the bench, waiting for your name to be called. Saying that, some are much closer to cracking the starting line up and some needs to go back to the basics. Lest you forget, BLFS is here to help you become a better sports photographer, NOT praise your work like your friends, family members, and Mary next door does out of guilt or trying not to hurt your fragile ego. If you want to stay mediocre, that’s fine. But you have the potential to become an excellent sports photographer. Gather some balls or ovaries and put your pride on the line. Submit your photos, cross your fingers and let us tell you how crap you are. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. :)

3. Podcast (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/big-lens-fast-shutter/id424761854)
This is where everything comes together and you can listen to our buttery smooth, sultry concoction that is our podcast every month. About the first week of every month, we give you a potpourri of sports photography goodness ranging from what we did this past month, interview with a professional sports photographer, competition results, critiques of your photos, and generally me being awesome.  For all you Android users, you can download the podcast directly from our website (the episode threads), so you now have no excuse not to listen to us on the go. :)

As I have alluded to in the flickr section, we will have some sort of a prize for our monthly “You win…” winners from here on out. I’d like to tell you what it is, but you know, I can’t divulge that kind of info. We will most likely add another section to our podcast and we are planning on few other things that will sure to blow your sports photography mind.

YOU are what keeps us going and YOU could be the difference between us being rich enough to change disposable razor blades every two months. Thanks for the support and please spread the sports photography gospel that is Big Lens Fast Shutter.


PS The photo was taken in El Nido, Philippines during my honeymoon part 2 this past December with a Canon S90.  As you can see, A) you can shoot sports with a compact camera B) it was a warm Christmas C) I shoot sports, even on my honeymoon.  Fortunately, I’m still married.

*Please Read Below*
Big Lens Fast Shutter is funded solely from the pockets of Ryu Voelkel and Matt Cohen. If you think the information we give you about sports photography is making you a better sports photographer and as a result a well balanced human being, please show us your appreciation by supporting us on Patreon and send some of your hard earned dollars/euros/Brixton pounds our way. People who donate will be mentioned on our next show unless you want to remain anonymous. Thank you for supporting us and may the force of sports photography be with you, always.

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