Podcast: EP 7 – Last Minute Substitution

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News – Our best and worst shoots this past month.
Ryu enjoyed shooting the Homeless World Cup and didn’t enjoy having to be at the whim of things he couldn’t control, and Matt had a nightmare music festival weekend shoot, but two great days shooting the Pirates & Giants play baseball.

We introduce… Tim McKenna

Ryu interviews Tim, a sports photographer based in Tahiti.
Tim’s portfolio site
Tim’s fine art e-shop

Master class
While the bulk of sports photography is done with big glass, using wide angle lenses can bring a whole new perspective to your sports photography. Ryu and Matt talk about different situations where you can experiment with wide angles. A gallery of some of Matt’s wide angle sports pictures can been seen here.

Training Ground
In our new segment Training Ground we critique pictures from listeners who bravely ask for it in our Flickr group.

You Win
Our August 2011 competition was “Airborne”
The winner is Miguel Schincariol from São Paulo, Brazil and his steeplechase picture can be seen on the rotating image at the top of our website.
His flickr photostream is here.
Here are the links to the winning photos: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place photos.

The September themed competition is “Dirt”. Goto our BLFS flickr group page for competition rules.

Training Ground
Post your images to our flickr group for constructive or destructive critique here.

GAS of the month
This month, Matt’s GAS is the Ray Flash, a speedlight attachment that produces a portable ringflash look without the expense and weight of an actual ringflash.
Ryu’s GAS is the Aqua Tech Softhood, a lightweight, collapsable replacement lens hood that saves weight and space when traveling, that also has the benefit of being far cheaper than the OEM hoods it replaces.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast: EP 7 – Last Minute Substitution

  1. Excellent podcast,the training ground section is really really helpful,thanks for the comments on my photos thats the kind of feedback I was hoping for,destructive in a constructive way :).Congrats to Matt hes doing well!

    1. Eli,

      I think I took it easy on everyone, but I think starting from the next podcast, if the same people are making the same mistake, I will unleash the beast within. :)


  2. Hey Guys, great podcast.
    I’m ‘Phredo59’ (Fred) and wanted to say thanks for the kind words about my hockey shots in Training Ground.
    I am really new to photography in general but am trying to take onboard all I can.
    Thanks again and please keep up this great resource.
    Fred Husted

    1. Fred,

      Same as Eli. If you keep on coming back to training ground with the same mistakes, I won’t hesitate to go a bit harsh on my critique. But Matt should be there to console you if needed. :)


  3. Just wanted to add my thanks for the thorough photo critique on the podcast. I knew I wasn’t happy with the photo of mine you discussed, which was why I posted it. I was looking for one single thing, the front wheel lift, and you convinced me how irrelevant that was in this image. Now I can see that I wasted a lot of time that day trying to create a photo that wasn’t ever going to be right. A good lesson… thanks!

    This month I’ll post some (American) football pics and take a shot at the critique again. Thanks for the great podcasts and blog posts guys!


    1. Ken: I’m glad you got something out of it. I’ll probably work this into a more extensive blog post at some point, but something to think about when you have a chance to set up for a picture is “what’s the best that can happen?” Setting up at turn one at daytona is always going to offer the possibility of a multi-car wreck. in your picture, the best thing that could happen basically did: a car’s front wheel lifted. from where you were, the percentage of the picture made up of the wheel lift was always going to be small. if you were able to get low on the curb right next to it, it would have given you a better chance, but still the ceiling is a tire off the ground. we’ve all made this kind of mistake (for me it was at a nascar race, so mine is worse) but once you’ve made it, the key is to look at what you’re getting and move on to something than can offer the chance at a better picture.

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