Podcast: EP5 – Composition with super telephoto lenses

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News – Our best and worst shoots this past month.
Ryu shot PSG and got covered in Champagne while Syd shot the Australian Socceroos versus Serbia.
…And how to clean your dirty camera (tip for Ryu on cleaning the Champagne off his camera)

We introduce… Ekaterina Lokteva.
Ryu and Syd interview Ekaterina, a sports photographer from Russia.
Ekaterina’s blog: http://katelokteva.livejournal.com/ /
and flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ekaterina_photos/

Master class
We chat about how to compose your photos with a super telephoto lens and look cool while doing so.

You win
Our monthly competition for our readers and listeners and last month’s theme was “liquid”.
The winner is Phil Roeder from Des Moines, Iowa and his image can be seen on the rotating image at the top of our website. His flickr photostream is here.

Here are the links to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place photos.

The July competition is Impact.  Goto our BLFS flickr group page for competition rules.

Far Post, Near Post
Our readers’ questions of the month and sadly, the very last one. This month, we discuss how to use Auto ISO in sports photography.

GAS of the month

Jingles by Spencer Griffiths
Icon by Arvin Bautista

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: EP5 – Composition with super telephoto lenses

  1. Excellent podcast and thanks for answering my question about composition with super teles.Im already wanting to sell my 400mm f5.6 to buy a 300mm f2.8.Good thing I bought a good monopod.Cant thank you guys enough for sharing your tips and experiences.

  2. Thanks Roy. I don’t know which brand you are buying, but the you will see the difference in the focusing speed as well as the bokeh with the 300 2.8. Let us know how it goes and do submit your work in our flickr competition as well. :)

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