Ryu: Modes de la sports

Disclaimer: It’s too hot and I’m writing this post just in my underwear.  Hope that’s okay with you. I came across this on lifehacker recently.  Didn’t think much of it until I realised that there are fair number of shooting modes that pertains to sports photography.  Low and behold, that’s what I’m going to talk about […]

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Syd: Getting rid of clutter

When I look at photographs from mums and dads taking photos of their children or their children’s sports teams they generally look the same. They often look like this: Typically, one of the kids in the photo is theirs, but often it’s not even the one with the ball. You can hear the conversation now […]

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Ryu: Hot stove league shooting

My football season ended few weeks ago and I’m on my way back from Tokyo.  I know, tough life. I apologise for this post going out slightly late, but hopefully you’ll forgive me as I was not only vacationing in south east Asia, rather honeymooning.  Since it’s hailed as a “once in a lifetime experience”, […]

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Podcast: EP4 – Workflow

Listen and download links here: – Subscribe and listen via iTunes – Get RSS feed – Get MP3 (Click to listen or right click to save it to your computer) News – Our best and worst shoots this past month. Ryu loved shooting José Mourinho and didn’t like Euro league final, whilst Syd had a quiet month and […]

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