Syd: Behind the scenes – shooting football

This week I’ve made a short (1 min) video on the whole process of shooting a game of football/soccer. The match was a round 2 AFC game in Melbourne. Typically, most photographers would arrive at least 60 minutes before kick-off. This gives time to setup remote cameras behind the goal, take some pre-match photos if there’s something interesting going on, and in some cases sign-out loan equipment. Hope you enjoy the video (sorry about the shakes – I’ll get better with practise):

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6 thoughts on “Syd: Behind the scenes – shooting football

  1. NPS was only there because it was an international match with a Korean team. It was a luxury to have them. Last time I saw NPS was a World Cup qualifier between Australia and Japan.

    Are you shooting F1 GP this year?

  2. In Europe, it’s very rare to find parking spaces at football stadiums. Saying that, there are plenty of them in Scotland.

    As for NPS, I’ve only seen them at Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Never at a world cup qualifier. So Syd, you indeed are a lucky man. :)

  3. Hi again:

    With respect to your question im very interesting to shooting Europe GP in Valencia but im not sure i have some problems with FIA for for obtaining the accreditation.

    Best Regards.

  4. Yes Syd in this moment im shooting for a German Agency. The problem is FIA has some very speciasl rules, they ask to us cover GP outside of Spain not only in our country.

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