Editing a Sequence

As Ryu and I check out the work of people in the Flickr group we often see long series of pictures from the same play. Yes, modern cameras can do 9-11 frames per second, and that’s fine – except for Ryu who shoots some kind of film no one’s ever heard of. But it’s good […]

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Podcast: Episode 35 – Prepare

Podcast: Episode 35 – “Prepare” Listen and download links here: – Subscribe and listen via iTunes (We’ve re-published our audio feed, but you may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe. Technology is fun!) – Get RSS feed – Get MP3 (Click to listen or right click to save it to your computer) News Ryu & Matt talk about end […]

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Ryu: Low and behold

Afternoon. But by the time this goes out, it could be evening or morning. We’ll see. All’s well in the European front as I’m on my way to shoot some football in Manchester. That’s Manchester in England and not the fake one in New Hampshire. I’m also now toying with the idea of getting a […]

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Ryu: Saving private Spot

As is the case with almost all my posts, I’m writing this when I’m bored to tears. I’m kidding. Kind of. But I do think about you when I write about it so there is still some hope between you and me. I’m at Oberstdorf shooting the Nebelhorn Trophy. That’s figure skating to you and […]

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Matt: Before You Hit the Shutter

Every assignment is different depending on what your editor needs, the nature of the venue, and the access you have.  Sometimes you’re there to make pictures that will sell to the widest variety of clients.  Other times it’s a big game and you need pictures of the most important plays.  Once in a while you’ll […]

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